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ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1

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ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1

ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1
ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1 ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1

Large Image :  ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ZTE
Model Number: ZTE ZXMP S330
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Packaging Details: 1pc into a spare inner foam carton and pack with exteral wooden carton
Delivery Time: 3-7 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500pcs/week

ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1

Type: SDH/MSTP/PTN Products Status: Stock
Product Name: ZTE ZXMP Cabinet Shipping Term: DHL,Fedex,UPS,EMS,AIR
Condition: Brand New Warranty: Six Month
High Light:

S330 SDH MSTP PTN Equipment


ZTE ZXMP Cabinet


MSTP Cabinet

ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1


Product Description:

ZXMP S330 is new generation 2.5G/622M MSTP platform integrated with SDH, PDH, Ethernet, ATM and RPR. It features flexible networking and service dispatch, perfect network protection, supports powerful data functions such as RPR and ATM, applicable to network convergence layer and some important access layer.
Superior service access capability enabling eased and flexible service provision
Optical interfaces contain STM-16/4/1 interfaces; electrical interfaces contain STM-1, E3/T3, E1/T1 TDM service interfaces. Offer agile service add/drop;
EOS functions are available in full support of data service models including EPL, EVPL, EPLAN, EVPLAN, accommodating customers demands for delivering high bandwidth data services;
Use embedded-RPR based on flexible logic subnetwork technology to build RPR ring, and the unique RPR span-ring feature breaks up the single ring restriction in RPR networking;
Perfect QoS control enables traffic configuration based on IP priority, DSCP priority, TOS priority, COS priority and port priority;
Provide embedded ATM function, support VP-VC switch, CAC control, CC, and PVC 1+1 protection.
Comprehensive and perfect protection capability ensuring highly reliable network
ZXMP S330 offers 1+1 redundant protection for critical boards, such as clock board, cross-connect board. The system provides 1:Nredundant protection for service interfaces to protect E1/T1/E3/T3/FE/STM-1 (E) electrical tributaries. Single sub-rack can protect 4 groups of electrical tributaries simultaneously.
ZXMP S330 employs dual power distribution system, all functional boards adopt distributed power supply mode, with little impact on power supplies among boards, and greatly erasing the effect on system during plugging/unplugging boards.
ZXMP S330 has ITU-T-recommended networking characteristics. Protection modes include 1+1 multiplex section protection, 2-fiber bidirectional multiplex section protection ring, 4-fiber bidirectional multiplex section protection ring, dual node interconnection protection (DNI) and sub-network connection protection (SNCP).
ZXMP S330 can also offer protection for data service layer. It supports Ethernet shared protection ring, RPR ring protection and ATM 1+1 protection.


Product Features:

Powerful access provides a wide variety of services
1)Provide STM-16/4/1 optical interface,STM-1/E3/T3/E1/T1 electrical interface, and flexible service adding/dropping.
2)Provide EOS functions and support EPL, EVPL, EPLAN and EVPLAN data service models to meet user demands for high-bandwidth data services.
3)RPR-embedded logic subnet technology can be used to build RPR ring. The unique RPR cross-ring function can break single-ring limit in the RPR network.
4)Provide good QoS control. It is possible to configure service flow according to IP priority, DSCP priority, TOS priority, COS priority and port priority.
Powerful cross and scalability makes networking and dispatching flexible
1)ZXMP S330 can perform multidirectional service full-cross, with high-order cross capacity of 384×384VC-4,low-order cross capacity of 2016×2016 TU-12, and single sub-rack access capacity of 88×88VC4.
2)ZXMP S330 can work as extension sub-rack of ZXMP S385, ZXONE 5800, etc.
Superior protection offers high network reliability
1)ZXMP S330 has 1+1 protection for key boards like clock board and cross board, and 1:N (N≤5) protection for E1/T1/E3/T3/FE/STM-1 (E) service interfaces. One sub-rack can support 4 groups of different electrical tributary protections.
2)ZXMP S330 has two power supply systems. Functional boards use the distributed power supply. If a board is plugged or unplugged in system operation, there will be no influence on other boards and the system.
3)ZXMP S330 has networking features in ITU-T recommendations. It can perform such protections as 1+1 MS protection, 2-fiber bidirectional MS protection ring, 4-fiber bidirectional MS protection ring, Dual-Node Interconnection (DNI) protection and Subnet Connection Protection (SNCP).
4)It can also support the protections of data service layer like shared Ethernet protection ring, RPR protection.
Reliable timing synchronization processing improves synchronous network performance
1)ZXMP S330 has the advanced phase locking circuit for the selection of synchronous with external clock, line clock or E1/T1 tributary clock.
2)It has E1 tributary retiming function.
3)It supports synchronization priority switching and automatic SSM-based switching to optimize timing synchronization allocation, lower the difficulty in synchronization planning, avoid timing loop and keep network synchronization in the best state.



We can offer all accessories of ZTE ZXMP S330 , below are some for your reference:

EPE1*21(75) : 21*E1 Electrical Processing Board (75ohm)
EPE1B*21 : 21*E1/T1 Electrical Processing Board
EPT1*21(TU11) : 21*T1 Electrical Processing Board(100ohm,TU11)
EPT1*21(TU12) : 21*T1 Electrical Processing Board(100ohm,TU12)


LP4*1 : 1*STM-4 Line Processing Board
LP4*2 : 2*STM-4 Line Processing Board
NCP : Net Control Processor
NCPI : Net Control Processor Interface

OIS1*1(L-1.1,SC) : 1*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,SC)
OIS1*1(L-1.2,SC) : 1*STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,SC)

OIS4*2(L-4.2,SC) : 2*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,SC)

OIS4*2(S-4.1,SC) : 2*STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)

OL1/4*4(2*L-1.1+2*L-4.1,LC) : 4*STM-1/4 Optical Line Board(2*L-1.1+2*L-4.1,LC)
OL1/4*4(2*L-1.2+2*L-4.2,LC) : 4*STM-1/4 Optical Line Board(2*L-1.2+2*L-4.2,LC)

OL16(L-16.2U,LC) : STM-16 Optical Line Board(L-16.2U,LC)

OL16(S-16.1,LC) : STM-16 Optical Line Board(S-16.1,LC)

TFE*8(2*FE-L1.2,LC) : Transparent Fast Ethernet(include two L-1.2 module)
TFE*8(2*FE-S1.1,LC) : Transparent Fast Ethernet(include two s-1.1 module)
OBA12(mini,LC) : OBA12(mini,LC)
OBA14(external,input-6,SC) : Optical booster amplifier OBA14 (external,input-6,SC)

Product Details:

ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1 0

ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1 1

If you are interested, please let us know the specific model. We will provide the best service and the best price!
ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1 2
ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1 3
ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1 4
ZTE SDH ZXMP S330 Cabinet OL1/4*4 (3*S-4.1,LC) ZTE OL1 3xS-4.1 5




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