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ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH

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ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH

ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH
ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH

Large Image :  ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ZTE
Model Number: ZTE OL16x4
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Packaging Details: 1pc into a spare inner foam carton and pack with exteral wooden carton
Delivery Time: 3-7 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500pcs/week

ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH

Type: SDH/MSTP/PTN Products Status: Stock
Product Name: ZTE OL16x4 Shipping Term: DHL,Fedex,UPS,EMS,AIR
Condition: Brand New Warranty: Six Month
High Light:

ZTE OL16x4


ZTE SDH Products


L16.2JE S330 SDH Products

ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH products ZTE OL16x4 for ZTE SDH


Product Description:

ZXMP S385 are suitable for the backbone of the network or the large capacity convergence level, can be used as medium capacity DXC, ADM large capacity, and can pass the MSTP function can realize the function of Ethernet and ATM switch. As ADM can be flexible configuration of REG/TM/ADM/MADM. Capacity can be achieved STM smooth upgrade - 16 to STM - 64. It features:

The large capacity and flexible business operation ability

ZXMP S385 provides large capacity ability of high and low order cross slot rich equipment business. Can provide the processing capacity of multiplex ECC, fully meet the requirements of complex network. Support/STM/STM STM - 1-4-16 / STM - 64 level of linear network, ring network, hub network, ring chain, complex network topology, such as tangent ring and ring of intersection.

More powerful business access ability

ZXMP S385 system provides a rich business interface: / STM STM - 64-16 / STM - 4 / STM 1 light interface; STM - 1 electrical interface; E3 / T3 electrical interface; E1 / T1 electric interface (support frame processing); Interface of POS, ATM interface, FE/GE Ethernet interface, and SAN interface. Business for Ethernet and EOS, embedded RPR and MPLS embedded bearing a variety of ways, can form a special business (EPL) Ethernet, Ethernet virtual line (EVPL), Ethernet LAN business (EPLAN) and Ethernet virtual private LAN service (EVPLAN), etc., can meet the needs of a variety of different network environment technology.

High reliability, perfect equipment protection

ZXMP S385 with perfect equipment level protection: redundancy is used to design in hardware, overhead to business bus, bus, bus clock adopts the structure of the double bus system, greatly improve the reliability and stability of the system. Cross is realized by using two intersecting clock, the clock 1 + 1 protection. PDH business veneer implementation 1: N protection: hardware business E1 / T1 business veneer 1: N protection, E3 / T3, STM 1 electric mouth and FE electric mouth also can realize 1: N protection. Implements cabinet outside power protection, veneer power protection and the aircraft power supply access protection to protect a variety of ways.

Complete, intelligent network protection

ZXMP S385 support to improve the network level of protection: to realize the ITU - T the proposed network characteristics, including ways to protect: 1 + 1 link multiplexing section protection, support link 1: N protection, one-way channel protection ring, two fiber bidirectional multiplexing section protection ring, four fiber bidirectional multiplexing section protection ring function, dual node interconnection protection (DNI), subnet connection protection (SNCP), logical subnet (LSNP).

ZXMP S385 have powerful intelligence features, support automatically discover network topology and resource, end-to-end business configuration, quick resistance network more failure; Support for multiple business priority protection and recovery strategy. Support the permanent connection (PC) and soft permanent connection/exchange connection (SPC/SC) online conversion, supports distributed recoverable reroute protection. Implement ASON OUNI - C, OUNI - N and I - NNI function; Support the control plane function, supports in-band and out-of-band SCN, in-band and out-of-band MCN function.


Product Feature:
ZTE ZXMP S385 Board List:    
2.0m-600mm-B OEIS1*8(L-1.2,LC) OL4(L-4.1,LC)
2.2m-600mm-B OEIS1*8(S-1.1,LC) OL4(L-4.2,LC)
D-2.2m-300mm-B OEL1*16(8*L-1.1,LC) OL4(S-4.1,LC)
FAN OEL1*16(8*L-1.2,LC) OL4*2(L-4.1,LC)
MB(V2.4&V3.0) OEL1*16(8*S-1.1,LC) OL4*2(L-4.2,LC)
PDB(back) OIS1*8(L-1.1,LC) OL4*2(S-4.1,LC)
PDB(back,blue) OIS1*8(L-1.2,LC) OL4*4(L-4.1,LC)
PDB(front) OIS1*8(S-1.1,LC) OL4*4(L-4.2.LC)
PDB(front,blue) OL1*2(L-1.1,LC) OL4*4(S-4.1,LC)
RACK-SET-D-2.2m-300mm-B OL1*2(L-1.2,LC) OL64(I-64.1,LC,ASON)
RACK-SET-D-2.2m-600mm-B OL1*2(S-1.1,LC) OL64(L64.2P,LC,ASON)
RACK-SET-S-2.0m-300mm-B OL1*4(L-1.1,LC) OL64(L-64.P1L1-2D2,LC,ASON)
RACK-SET-S-2.0m-600mm-B OL1*4(L-1.2,LC) OL64(S-64.2b,LC,ASON)
RACK-SET-S-2.2m-300mm-B OL1*4(S-1.1,LC) OL64*2(I-64.1,LC,ASON)
S-2.0m-300mm-B OL1*8(L-1.1,LC) OL64*2(L64.2P,LC,ASON)
S-2.2m-300mm-B OL1*8(L-1.2,LC) OL64*2(L-64.P1L1-2D2,LC,ASON)
ZJA(back mounted,V2.4&V3.0) OL1*8(S-1.1,LC) OL64*2(S-64.2b,LC,ASON)
ZJA(front mounted,V2.4&V3.0) OL16(L-16.1,LC) OL64D(800ps/nm,FEC,LC)
ANCP OL16(L-16.2,LC) OL64FEC(L64.2p)
BIE1 OL16(L-16.2JE,LC) OW
BIE3 OL16(L-16.2p,LC) QXI
CSF(without expansion subrack) OL16(S-16.1,LC) SCIB
EIE1*63(75) OL16*2(L-16.1,LC,ASON) SCIH
EIT1*63(120/100) OL16*2(L-16.2,LC,ASON) SEE
EP3*6 OL16*2(L-16.2p,LC,ASON) SFP-1.25G(L-G.1,LC)
EPE1*63(120) OL16*2(L-16.2U,LC,ASON) SFP-1.25G(L-G.2,LC)
EPE1*63(75) OL16*2(S-16.1,LC,ASON) SFP-1.25G(M-G.8,LC)
EPE1FZ*63 OL16*4(L-16.1,LC,ASON) SFP-1.25G(S-G.1,LC)
EPT1*63(100) OL16*4(L-16.2,LC,ASON) TCS128
ESE1*63(75) OL16*4(L-16.2JE,LC,ASON) TCS256
ESE3*6 OL16*4(L-16.2p,LC,ASON) TGE2B
ESFE*8 OL16*4(L-16.2U,LC,ASON) TGSA*8
ESS1*4 OL16*4(S-16.1,LC,ASON) DCM100(external,LC)
ESS1*8 OL16*8(L-16.1,LC,ASON) DCM20(external,LC)
EST1*63(120/100) OL16*8(L-16.2,LC,ASON) DCM40(external,LC)
LP1*4 OL16*8(L-16.2JE,LC,ASON) DCM60(external,LC)
LP1*8 OL16*8(L-16.2p,LC,ASON) DCM80(external,LC)
OADC4(1271/1291/1331/1351+UPG) OL16*8(L-16.2U,LC,ASON) OBA12(mini,LC)
OADC4(1551/1571/1591/1611+UPG) OL16*8(S-16.1,LC,ASON) OBA12*2(mini,LC)
OADD4(C_band-TFF-SOAD4-21-LC) OL16C(1471nm) OBA14(external,input-6,SC)
OADD4(C_band-TFF-SOAD4-25-LC) OL16C(1491nm) OBA14(mini,LC)
OADD4(C_band-TFF-SOAD4-53-LC) OL16C(1511nm) OBA14*2(mini,LC)
OADD4(C_band-TFF-SOAD4-57-LC) OL16C(1531nm) OBA17(external,SC)
OEIFE*8(8*L-1.1,LC) OL16C(1551nm) OBA17(mini,LC)
OEIFE*8(8*L-1.2,LC) OL16C(1571nm) OBA19(mini,LC)
OEIFE*8(8*S-1.1,LC) OL16C(1591nm) OPA32(mini,LC)
OEIS1*4(L-1.1) OL16C(1611nm) OPA38(mini,LC)
OEIS1*4(L-1.2) OL16C*4(1471~1531nm,ASON) disk(ASON,CH)
OEIS1*4(S-1.1) OL16C*4(1551~1611nm,ASON) disk(ASON,EN)
OEIS1*8(L-1.1,LC) OL16C*8(1471~1611nm,ASON) disk(CH)
  OL16D*4(192.1~192.4THz,ASON) disk(EN)
  OL16D*4(192.5~192.8THz,ASON) Manual-ZXMP S385(ASON,CH)
  OL16D*8(192.1~192.8THz,ASON) Manual-ZXMP S385(ASON,EN)

If you are interested, please let us know the specific model. We will provide the best service and the best price!
ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH 0
ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH 1
ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH 2
ZTE OL16x4 L16.2JE S330 SDH Products ZTE OL16x4 For ZTE SDH 3




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